Free Windows 8 VPN

You can find varies type of Free VPN dedicated for Windows 8 Desktops, Notebooks or Tablets! Both Windows 8 X86/64 or Windows 8 RT are supported!

Free PPTP VPN for Windows 8

PPTP VPN is the most widely used system working in almost every platform including desktop OS, smartphones and tablets. However because it uses GRE protocol and need extra TCP port number to be opened, it’s easy to get connection errors when using this type of VPN.

Free L2TP VPN for Windows 8

L2TP VPN is more secure than PPTP VPN, and uses only TCP port for connection, also almost every computer system and appliance supports this type of VPN connection method.

Free SSTP VPN for Windows 8

Only Windows 7, Windows Vista SP1, Windows XP SP3, Windows 2008 and Windows 8 are fully supporting SSTP VPN Client.

For Linux Ubuntu, you can download the free SSTP client here:

For Apple Mac OS X you can download the free SSTP client here:

SSTP VPN uses only standard HTTPS 443 port, plus it works under proxy connection, so since it’s introduced in Windows 2008, immediately it becomes one of the most popular VPN type because almost every intranet or ISP opens 443 port.

Free OpenVPN for Windows 8

OpenVPN is the famous open source VPN project based on SSL, OpenVPN client software can be find from many websites, because of open source, almost every linux based operation system, smartphones or tablets can have OpenVPN support added by installing 3rd party software or plugins.

For Windows 8, the offcial client software can be downloaded from: