VPN Unlimited Available on the Microsoft Store

VPN Unlimited for Windows

If you’re a Windows 10 user, rejoice. One of the more popular VPN services in the market, VPN Unlimited, is now available for you to download on the Microsoft Store.

Just like most other top VPN providers, VPN Unlimited is an excellent solution if you’re looking to protect your online privacy. It will encrypt all your traffic using military-grade 256-bit encryption, making sure no-one who isn’t supposed to see it ever will.

VPN Unlimited is also able to unlock US streaming services like Hulu and Netflix, regardless of where in the world you are, by spoofing your location.

And if you reside in or are traveling to a country in which VPN use is restricted or blocked, VPN Unlimited has you covered too. It supports a state-of-the-art obfuscation feature which masks VPN traffic is regular HTTPS web traffic, making it just about impossible to detect.

With a VPN Unlimited subscription, you’ll be able to access over 70 locations worldwide. In addition to Windows, the client software also runs on every other major platform, including MacOS, iOS, and Android.

The best part? By downloading the VPN Unlimited app from the Microsoft Store, you get a seven-day free trial. If you decide to keep using the servicex beyond that period, pricing comes in at $10/month.

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